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The Premier Lawn Services Company in Carlsbad, NM

Auto Mow Co. is your premier lawn services company in Carlsbad, NM, dedicated to handling all of your needs and providing the most convenient customer experience possible. We have many years of experience, and you can trust us to handle lawn care and lawn maintenance with great care and expertise. We pride ourselves on building friendly and professional relationships with our clients, as they are a top priority.

At Auto Mow Co., we are the area’s premier Husqvarna Automower dealer! Husqvarna has been the world leader in robotic mowing since 1995. Step back and see our robotic mowers in action and learn how we can help you take back your weekend and have a perfect lawn 24/7!

Auto Mow Co. provides the following services:

We are a full-service company that can tackle any project. Whether you need yard cleaning or lawn cleaning or have a major landscaping project looming on the horizon, we're the ones to call. We provide quick, efficient, and superior quality lawn care services, making us your premier lawn services company in the Carlsbad area. For more information on our services or to get an estimate, please feel free to contact Auto Mow Co. today!

ABOUT AUTOMOWERS: A great-looking lawn can be a lot of hard work. With our hands-free, robotic lawnmowers, the grass gets mowed automatically around the clock with our supervision. The cuttings are small enough that you won't need to rake, and the fine clippings add fertilization back to the soil. Our automowers will maintain small to large lawns in any weather, with rough terrain and slopes up to 35%. It can mow around obstacles and knows when it needs to be charged. Our automowers offer superior lawn mowing seven days a week.

ROBOTIC LAWN CARE SERVICES: We bundle lawn care services' future into a weekly groundskeeping plan to execute on your dream yard. Our hands-free automowers mow daily and are great for your grass because fresh lawn shavings act as a mulch, retain moisture, and protect your grass from the damaging sun. We also edge, blow, and clean the property weekly!

Reasons to Choose Us

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Professional Services Offered
  • We are the Area’s Premier Husqvarna Automower Dealer

Locations Served

  • Artesia, NM
  • Carlsbad, NM
  • Roswell, NM